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We provide smart home solutions to future-proof homes in Singapore. Contrary to other smart home providers, we don’t simply provide smart home systems from our suppliers, we build our own smart home systems from the ground up to address the gaps in existing home automation systems to ensure that your homes are equipped for the ever-evolving technological evolution.

Smart Automation

  • Smart Lights
  • Smart Switch
  • Smart Dimmers
  • Smart Heaters
  • Temperature Control
  • Smart Appliances
  • Smart TV & Speakers

Smart Curtains & Blinds

  • Smart Blinds
  • Smart Curtains
  • Outdoor Blinds

Security & Wi-fi Solution

  • Smart Locks
  • Sensors
  • CCTV
  • WiFi & Networking
  • Door Access
  • Gate Intercom System


Supported Brands

A Smart System So Advance,
It Controls All Your Home Electronic In One App

At Home-A-Genius, we are committed to providing the best user experience possible. From our all-in-one smart home app to our Smart Home Hub, every aspect of the user interface has been designed to be user-friendly and user-efficient for the youth and elderly alike.

Our Smart Home Hub lets you control all of your devices with just a single touch. Take a quick glance at your floor plan display to receive real-time updates of your rooms. Every command you give to the app is executed in 1 second as the platform connects wirelessly and locally to dozens of smart home appliances. Furthermore, our Smart Home system offers deep integration with brands that can be found locally such as Sonos, Bosch Home Connect, LG TV, Sony TV, etc. This state-of-the-art masterpiece lets you control your smart devices even when the internet is down.

Voice Control/
Simple UI
Remote Access/
Cloud Backup
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Control everything with
just One Touch

With Smarter Switch, you can have an organised switch system with a user-friendly interface that everyone at home can use with ease. Say no to complicated phone applications and endless remotes. Your Smart journey starts now!


Customize Room names
to your preference

No matter how many rooms you have in your multi-level home, renaming the room names on your digital panel won’t be an issue with our smart switch.
Having the ability to dynamically rename your rooms will allow you to better organise and personalise the interface display on your digital panel – so that every one of your rooms in your home can have its own Rooms and Scenes setting.

Getting the house ready for guests
or having movie night?

Switch to your preferred ambience settings with just a button on Scenes tab, and voila – all the automated settings will fall into place within seconds.


What’s More!

The Smarter Switch is a 4-gang switch that can control the lights in the house intuitively, which can be easily interacted by everyone at home, both young and old; whether or not they’re tech savvy.

Say Goodbye to Noisy,
Tacky Switches

With Sense Switch, you can easily toggle the soft-touch switch without having to hear any loud clicking noises. They are also illuminated for visibility, so you can easily locate the light switch without waking your loved one – simply move towards the switch and see it glow.

Different Needs,
Different Solutions

Leave it to our team to help you automate your home and let technology handle your daily tasks.
Let us know what your household needs are and get in touch with us for a customised home automation system.

Little Genius

Our little genius package is good for homeowners that are starting out on their home automation journey.

  • 1x Home-A-Genius Hub
  • 1x Home-A-Genius Hub
  • 2x Touch Switch (2 Gang)
  • 1x Motion Sensor
  • 1x Motion Sensor
  • 1x Air Con IR Blaster
  • 1x Google Home Mini

Standard Genius

Our standard genius package is here to help you fully (or semi-fully) automate your home. Suitable for HDBs, BTOs, and Condos.

  • 1x Home-A-Genius Hub
  • 1x H.A.G Smarter Switch (4 Gang)
  • 5x Touch Switch (2 Gang)
  • 1x Touch Switch (4 Gang)
  • 1x Motion Sensor
  • 2x Aircon IR Blaster
  • 1x Google Home Mini

Supreme Genius

Our supreme genius package is suited to help automate large households and homes. Suited for landed properties like terrace houses, semi-detached houses, GCBs, and more

  • 1x Home-A-Genius Hub
  • 1x H.A.G Smarter Switch (4 Gang)
  • 8x Touch Switch (2 Gang)
  • 1x Touch Switch (4 Gang)
  • 1x Motion Sensor
  • 2x Aircon IR Blaster
  • 1x Ceiling Fan RF Blaster

Frequently Asked Questions

Smart Switches are electronics. Itself needs to be powered by an electrical source, which comes from the neutral wire. While non-neutral smart switches are available in the market, our preferred solution for our clients is to have neutral wire for the smart switches which will allow for a more stable and long-lasting solution.

This really depends on your electrician. We have heard that some electricians charge $40/point to $300/point. We believe the price ranges according to how much work/effort is needed based on the infrastructure of your home and the requirements of the homeowners. i.e. trunking will definitely cost a lot lesser than concealing; dry walls do not need as much hacking than concrete walls. etc.

You are not able to use any form of switches in the case of an electrical supply cut. Fret not, Home-A-Genius has gotten you covered. The smart home system including the switches will reboot on its own once the electrical supply comes back on.

The system can support as many devices as long as the device is connected to the same account.

Home-A-Genius works on local network, simple terms “Intranet”. So, if your internet goes down, your internal network will still function. You can still use your smart home app will function. i.e. Smart Floorplan, iOS widgets when your internet service provider decides to take a break.

While IR/RF signals upgrades all non-smart devices to be automated, it does not allow for bi-directional feedback. i.e. it does not allow the user to get the actual state of the device if the signal is not triggered by the application.

This is often seen in ceiling fans, TV and sound systems.

Home-A-Genius implemented deep integration with the aim to reflect true status of the device, so as to make your smart home application as truthful as possible.


    1. 1. IR Blaster Solution is always one direction. i.e. the IR Blaster sends a signal to the TV/Air conditioner and that is it. Should someone control the TV via the remote control, the true status of the TV will not be reflected on the smart home application.


    This method is not desirable in controlling TV as the IR codes for turning on and off the TV is the same. Hence, you are unable to determine the status of the TV without a human standing in front of it as validation.
    2. Deep Integration: This method is used in Home-A-Genius as an attempt tp provide our clients with a TV control that reports true status on the Smart home application. This method does not require an additional IR Blaster as a solution. While Deep Integration is the most desirable method, it requires high programming effort and hence, only a few TV brands are linked to it; i.e. LG, Sony and some Samsung Smart TV.

The above 2 methods are incompatible with TV that are controlled by bluetooth remote controls. The team is still working on this, so stay tuned!

We are compatible with most air-conditioners as we connect to our air-conditioners through IR Blasters.

Mitsubishi Electric
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

As long as the ceiling fans you have purchased are controlled through IR/RF remote controllers, we are able to integrate them into Home-A-Genius. Do note that Broadlink RF blasters can only control wavelength between 315 to 433Hz.
Note that 2.4G is not an RF protocol.

We have by far, linked up ceiling fans of these brands:
Decor Fan

We have completed our deep integration feature with Xiaomi and Dyson Fans.

As for all other fans, as long as as the ceiling fans you have purchased are controlled through IR/RF remote controllers, we are able to integrate them into Home-A-Genius. Do note that Broadlink RF blasters can only control wavelength between 315 to 433Hz.

We have by far, linked up ceiling fans of these brands:
Decor Fan

Our main CCTV partner is HikVision. As they are one of the top brands in the world, and allowed for local storage of their file.

Home-A-Genius also integrates with Foscam.
While many other CCTV brands are brought up during our consultation, Home-A-Genius is limiting to these 2 brands right now due to several security measures in place.

There are 2 ways Home-A-Genius can link up your TV.
1. IR Blaster Solution: for this solution, we are able to link up with any TV that is controlled by an IR remote controller.

2. Deep Integration: This will allow for TV control, all the way to the smart TV remote in the Home-A-Genius app. This only works for LG, Sony and some Samsung Smart TV

Yes. It requires an additional neutral wire at your switch point. Our qualified electrician can assist to pull the additional neutral wire with the least invasive method possible.

Yes. Only the smarter switch requires additional neutral wiring and we can recommend a qualified electrician to pull the additional neutral wire with the least invasive method possible.

The other smart switches can be retrofitted by replacing your existing normal switch.

86mm x 86mm (Standard switch size in all Singapore homes)

Smart switches can be exchange for a single gang smart dimmer (additional charges apply).
With the smart dimmer, you can tell voice command to “set bedroom to 40%” or control the brightness of the lights from our mobile app. We can also preset the brightness when you come home or even during movie time.

Home-A-Genius Hub will serve as the main brain for your smart home. It works with many smart brands and is rich with many unique features. Here are some of the key features :

Available on Mobile(iOS/Android) and Web

Easy to Use

Local processing ensures fast response & data privacy

Remote Access

Routines & Schedules

Home Analytics

It is also small in size and can be simply placed hidden next to your home router.

Mostly Yes. We have a growing list of supported popular smart brand. If your existing device fall under the supported list, we can link them to Home-A-Genius for a small fee. In the event, your existing device is not supported, you may consider our trade-in policy to offset your smart home cost. PM us to find out more!

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What our customers say about us

“Honestly, the HAG team has been fantastic from sales, operations, setup to even the service after! Their showroom walk through experience by Ethan and Cheryl was really engaging. It was exactly what we were looking for in our smart home. The operations team, led by Julian and Junior, set up everything in our house perfectly. Appreciate the extra effort they put in. Really did a fantastic job! They patiently went through every minor detail with us. The overall experience from HAG has been a pleasant and wonderful one. We would definitely be recommending them to those looking to build a smart home.”

Kartik Jayabalan

2 months ago

“Great service from the HAG team from the start to the end. Christina was very helpful in guiding me and wife through all the smart home automation that HAG provides. She was very knowledgeable of her work and recommended the best HAG system to meet our needs. She also provided seamless coordination with my ID and electrician for all the necessary installation works. For the home integration part Gary and Junior were very skilled at their work. They made sure everything was running smoothly before handing over. Overall we are pleased with choosing HAG for our smart home automation. Can’t wait to start using it! Thank you.”

Hamish Jude

a month ago

“I would gladly recommend Home-a-Genius to anyone considering a smart home solution. They are very informative, great service, and willing to go the extra mile. Both Christina and Cheryl were very helpful with working through my requests, while the installation by Junior and Gary was excellent and really made it fuss free.”

Jamie Tsukakoshi

a week ago

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